Think Green

Protection of the environment is a commitment that Paramount Landscape takes very seriously. As such, we are always in search of new operational techniques and new products that support “Green Thinking.” And as a company whose “factory floor” is valley-wide and thus, a large footprint of the environment, we recognize our ability to influence both the aesthetics of our environment while also impacting the amount of waste that can occur.

Environmental stewardship begins in our offices through small, but effective means and technology. We minimize the amount of paper being used with paperless documentation and tracking. Our computers are completely networked to minimize wasteful printing in order to communicate between each other. In addition, we’ve constructed almost all of our crew forms in ½-sheets in order to double up on the quantity with half of the needed paper. And lastly, we utilize 100% fluorescent lighting throughout our facility.

Operationally, there is a mutual interest between Paramount Landscape and our customers to conserve our vital resources. For Paramount, conservation may result in lower costs, which can be passed on to our customers in discounted pricing. For our customers, utilizing green concepts actually results in more healthy and aesthetic properties.

Following are a few ways that Paramount is helping our environment:

Organic Fertilizers

Due to the high levels of salts in the clay soils of our arid climates, Paramount became concerned that the continued use of products that used synthetic materials would only exacerbate the already high alkalinity rates that existed. When soils are affected with high alkalinity, they become very dense and thus difficult to grow in. In fact, even the invasive common Bermuda grass will find it difficult to thrive in such hostile environments.

Although the soils can be treated with gypsum or sulfur based products to reduce the alkalinity, it usually requires multiple applications, which can result in significant costs to the customer. Also, the results will usually only be temporary since the continued use of synthetic fertilizers and Arizona’s hard water will reverse the effects of the sulfur.

As a result, Paramount Landscape had decided to utilize organic fertilizers for all of our warm season applications. Although organic fertilizers do not reverse the effects of contaminated soil, they also do not add to the problem since their composition includes some of the natural elements that the soils need. Thus, the result is a neutralizing effect that maintains the soil in a healthy condition.

Mulching Mowers

Like many things, the technology for lawnmowers continues to improve in areas of air quality, fuel consumption and cutting performance; all three of which impact the environment. Although initially driven by the strict California air quality standards, the benefits are flowing to all contractors whom utilize later model equipment. Since Paramount operates a fleet of riding mowers that is less than five years old and push mowers that are less than two years old, we too have seen the advantages of the technology that the equipment manufacturers have developed.

Paramount Landscape has been utilizing mulching mowers for many years. Therefore, we have been minimizing the amount of fuel that is used and the exhaust that is created for some time. However, the largest environmental impact is derived by mulching the grass, which is accomplished by a blade design that keep the pieces of grass elevated in the deck until it is reduced to a very fine particle. Once it falls to the ground, the recycled grass returns unused nitrogen and other nutrients from the grass to the soil. In addition, the waste grass does not have to be hauled to the landfills, which reduces the required landfill space and the additional expenses that are associated with it.

Water Conservation

Please refer to our Water Conservation.