The HOA Specialist

When making your decision, HOA Boards and Property Managers undoubtedly look at the cost under the assumption that all companies provide similar service levels since each contractor constructs their proposal based on the community’s specification and expressed desires. However, like most businesses, there are differences in the philosophy, management and value that should be considered when selecting a landscape maintenance company to take care of your property.

Paramount Landscape’s perspective revolves around trying to be the best:

  • Philosophy: Paramount only does Landscape Maintenance, not landscape installation nor construction, and as such are acutely focused on providing the highest level of quality efficiently for our customers. Our approach to grounds maintenance is science based as it was designed by a Professional Horticulturist and has evolved based on many years of real life experiences in Arizona’s unique climate. We also employ training and technology to ensure that our crews know our customers’ needs and deliver the service to match it. We budget our crews’ time on property and ensure it’s complied with by tracking all of our vehicles with on-board GPS.
  • Management: Paramount is over capitalized in management and experience, which provides our customers with the knowledge and comfort that we do what we say. We have Account Managers assigned to all of our properties that will walk the property every 2 weeks and report our findings. We have developed annual agronomic plans for general management duties and all of our jobs have a “package” of specific information that includes at a minimum a site map, a hot sheet for the crews, an irrigation map and a trimming cycle plan. Our managers will walk the property at any time with our customers and attend HOA Board Meetings when required.
  • Value: Most customers measure value based on the man-hours of work they receive on their property. Yet, at Paramount Landscape, we believe that there is a substantial value that you receive in all of the back-end activities that go into planning, training, systems development and managing the work on the property. From the site packages that we develop to the ongoing oversight, agronomic planning, communication and management, our customers are guaranteed to benefit.

These characteristics that define who we are is what make Paramount Landscape “The HOA Specialist.”