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Quality Management

Quality at Paramount Landscape is our goal. And, every employee is responsible for quality. Our Management Teams, comprised of the Account Managers and dedicated Irrigation Technicians, regularly visit our properties. We also utilize annual agronomic plans for general management duties and all of our communities have Property “Tools,” which include property specific information such as a site map, a property hot sheet, an irrigation map and a schedule with time budget information.

Our Account Managers are required to visit all of our properties twice per month and generate reports with our findings, which are communicated to the customer’s Property Manager and the community’s board designee. Included in these reports is the quality of the property, any repairs that have been accomplished regarding the irrigation system, areas of concern and potential landscape upgrades. We are also willing to include on our reports any other specific needs that our customers require during these visits.

Paramount Landscape’s “Toolbox” of documents have been specifically developed to provide our crews with the information that they require in order to ensure customer compliance and satisfaction.

The first of these “Tools” is the Property Site Map. By utilizing Google Earth and the Maricopa County Assessors database, Paramount is able to acquire maps of every property we maintain. These maps are segmented by week and highlighted in different colors that correspond to typical four-week schedules. They are communicated to the customer and then used by the crews and account teams to ensure schedules are being met and that the customer knows where we will be on the property on any given week.

Our next “Tool” is the Property Hot Sheet. This document identifies those specific items that customers inform us are important to be done on a regular basis. This includes things such as weeding flowerbeds, blowing around pools, cleaning around community centers, emptying garbage cans, etc. In addition, this document also contains general information about customer preferences. This includes items such as trimming style preferences, whether or not the property is overseeded, and they types of plants/trees that are located on the property.

Another “Tool” we use is an Irrigation Map. Since much time can be spent uselessly trying to determine which station is running any given area or where controllers or vacuum breakers are located, Paramount Landscape attempts to assemble a comprehensive irrigation map for each customer. This document is useful not only for us in doing repairs, but also for the customer should an emergency arise.

The last “Tool” that is used is the weekly crew Schedule. The schedule is utilized primarily by our crews to ensure that we are as efficient as possible, that we spend the appropriate amount of time on property and ultimately, to ensure that we control our costs without compromising quality. By dictating the average amount of time that the crews spend on the property, they have the information that they need in order to keep pace with the Property Site Map and Hot Sheet requirements.

Paramount Landscape puts a very high value on communication with our customers. As such, we have established several ways for customers to contact us 24 hours a day. First, to report general landscape problems to our Account Managers, we have set up a written Work Order system on this site. Simply click on the Work Order button, complete the form and hit send and it will automatically be sent to our staff and be addressed on an immediate basis.

For non-emergency irrigation repairs, the Work Order form may be used or you can contact our Irrigation Hotline at 480-668-6109 x5, any time day or night and leave the information that is required and the repair will be taken care of within 24 hours or the next business day. For emergency irrigation repairs after normal business hours, you can contact our Irrigation Hotline at 480-668-6109 x3, and you will automatically be contacted with our 24-hour On-Call Irrigation Technician.

In order to provide the best in customer communication, our Account Managers are available to tour our properties with board members or property managers at any time and attend monthly board meetings as requested. We believe that operating with complete transparency and communication will result in a relationship that is win-win for each of us.

Unlike most businesses, our worksites are valley-wide and therefore, difficult to collect credible data about the operations. In order to mitigate this problem, several years ago Paramount Landscape invested in a passive based Global Positioning System (GPS) for all of our service vehicles. With this system, we have the capability to know the following information for each crew:

• Start & stop times on any property
• Miles driven
• Number of service stops
• Actual engine run times
• Vehicle routes and speeds

Furthermore, we are able to track this information on a daily basis over a long period of time thereby providing the capability to analyze averages, trends and exceptions. On all of our properties, we are able to track crew movements on daily basis in order to compare actual progress to work plans. Thus, we have “real time” credible information to manage our crews and your property. This means that you have the confidence to know that you are getting what you are paying for.