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Our Team

Mike_L0714-2Mike Laughlin
Mike brings over 30 years of business experience to Paramount Landscape and Maintenance. He has been involved with service intensive businesses that have delivered customized solutions to both large, industrial customers as well as small business customers. Mike holds a BA degree in Business Administration from Kansas State. He has a Desert Life Forms certification from the Desert Botanical Garden.

Dave O’Laighin
joined Paramount Landscape in 2018 as our Strategic Account Manager. This follows a 30-year career in landscape maintenance including various management consulting positions for large southwest landscape companies as well as owning/operating his own landscape maintenance company. Dave’s landscape maintenance expertise spans all aspects of the industry with a special emphasis on education/training, agronomic planning as well as horticultural and arboristic best practices.

Michael-08Michael Pyle
Mike is our Director of Operations and joined Paramount Landscape in May 2008 after a life-long career in the landscape industry. He has held various positions in the maintenance and development of golf courses including Superintendent and Production Manager. Over the years, Mike has become very proficient in safety related matters, training and integrated pest management programs. He also holds an A.A.S. degree in Horticulture from Joliet Junior College with an emphasis on turfgrass management and landscape design.

Fabian2016Fabian Valadez

Fabian has worked in the landscape industry for 18 years, including 12 years with Paramount.  He has a strong knowledge of all aspects of the landscaping industry including irrigation, maintenance and tree care.  Today his responsibilities include being Field Operations Manager as well as being an Account Manager.


Pedro Ortiz

Pedro joined Paramount in 2017 as an Assistant Account Manager.  His responsibilities include being an Account Manager for many Paramount properties as well as being the technology and social media leader for Paramount.

Misty Kessler

Misty joined Paramount in 2017 as Bookkeeper/Office Manager.  She has 20 years of accounting experience and is responsible for all accounting entries, AR, insurance administration as well as tax compliance.


  • Memberships:
    • Community Associations Institute – Central Arizona Chapter
    • Arizona Association of Community Managers
    • Arizona Tree Council
    • Chandler Chamber of Commerce
    • Irrigation Association
  • ALCA

Registrar of Contractors Licenses:
• K 21 Landscape and Irrigation systems # 290143