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Client Testimonials

…thank you for keeping our grounds debris-free, well trimmed and properly maintained.  I’m sure this is a round-the-clock endeavor.  I appreciate that you routinely schedule the Association’s tree trimmers so I don’t experience overhanging branches into my back yard.  Our HOA areas are always trimmed beautifully, in a timely manner.  I also appreciate the greenbelts and common areas being well-maintained and kept tidy and free of weeds. 
— Mountain Park Ranch Homeowner

I wanted to pass on this email that I received from 2 other members of our Landscape Committee. They expressed the sentiments that we all have felt ever since Paramount came on board. Too often people only hear the “complaints” from their customers, but it seems that we can’t tell you enough how much you have made everything so much prettier and nicer for Mountainside. We really appreciate what a great job you do for our neighborhood! So, from Gary and Deb’s email, and from all of the Landscape Committee, “Thank you.”
— Mountainside HOA Landscape Committee

Brian, I was out the property yesterday.  Out of my 7 properties, that one is definitely one to make me proud.  Thanks for the hard work.”
—Property Manager

…Paramount’s knowledge of southwestern landscaping and their attention to detail has been evident. They have also demonstrated strong leadership and management skills in their oversight of our subcontracted tree service company in addition to their full time employees. Today, our property is frequently recognized for its colorful beauty and our homeowners are constantly providing positive feedback, which makes my position far easier.”
—Mountain Park Ranch Executive Director